Married to an oil man who works as a Consultant all over the world, his job calls for extensive travel and oil companies consider wives to be much along the lines of a rather bad smell  – i.e  something to be endured at most and, if possible, got rid of in the nicest possible way !  Whilst the children were growing up he would come and go at fairly regular intervals, but as they grew – he also climbed the corporate ladder until one day they had all left home and he would be gone for months at a time to some far flung corner of the world and it was left to me to trot along after him if we wanted to retain any semblance of a marriage !  Also by this time I was on the wrong side of 60 with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis,  plus the common variety of arthritis as well and all the added extras you get thrown in for free such as bursitis, fragile bones and an inbuilt hatred of packaging that I can never undo.   Just the kind of nasty passenger to wander the world’s airlines!  I also have this strange idea that as a ‘paying passenger’ I have to be treated well at all times, not given a load of bullshit, expect my luggage to arrive along with me and generally be flown from a-b without hassle, physical effort or being treated as an active member of Al Quaida!  Oh rue the innocence of the unwary Grandma !   Here are some of my tales………


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