I try not to complain too often as it does nothing for my Rheumatoid Arthritis except push up my blood pressure and make me more aware of my chronic pain, but there are times in my life when I just want to scream with the injustice of everything !  Strong words from thegallopinggrandma.com but let’s see if they were deserved……….
I started off yesterday for my morning walk down to the bridge. The sun was shining and although it was still cold, it had definitely improved over last week. I grabbed my walking poles and was just experiencing the sheer joy of being outside in the bracing fresh air.  Fifteen minutes later I reached the old bridge and that’s when I saw it.
To start with I couldn’t make out what it was caught on the middle bridge support all pink and bloated.
It was definitely the insides of a body and I forced myself to look some more, though my stomach felt like heaving, just in case it was human. Then I saw the small brown head of a female deer caught there as well.


Some idiot hunter had obviously shot and gutted this doe (which was probably pregnant at this time of year), then thrown the bits he didn’t want over the bridge where it was caught on the central support. This stream used to be our water source until we drilled a well, but there are people downstream of this bridge that still pipe water from it. Goodness knows what a rotting deer carcass will do to the water that they drink, though I don’t suppose the morons that chucked it in there give a toss for others.
I took photos right there and then with my IPhone and went back up home quite sickened. My husband Pat came home shortly afterwards from walking the dogs and had also seen it. This was a favourite spot for the dogs to swim, but no longer. The perpetrators were obviously long gone, although it was a fresh kill and , no doubt, will sell the meat on to restaurants to make a quick buck before Xmas and there are still places around that will buy meat from an unknown source and quite illegally.
I hope the poachers and the purchasers choke on it. And yes, we did report it to the Garda (Police).
Hopefully next week I will be back on my Blog in a better frame of mind………

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