Here I am, two days late at doing my Blog due to a severe pain in my coccyx !  And where is that you may ask ?  Well, its down at the base of my spine and liberally sprinkled with arthritis of some form or other.  On the whole it remains quiet and dormant, but about a week ago it decided to say “hello, I’m still here” – just in case I had forgotten it and slip a disc just a teensy bit to one side.
There is nothing quite like the pain of a slipped disc – it puts all your aches and pains into the shade and what’s worse is knowing that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
The moment I felt it, off I went to my GP and got some super new medicine for sudden severe pain which I was to take twice a day for 10 days and it seemed to work.  ‘Seemed’ being the operative word, because the moment I completed the course, back it came again shouting “Here I am, Fooled You” !! And, of course, my GP is now lying on a beach in the Canaries till 6th March.
I’m OK apart from sitting down and standing up when It feels like someone puts a knife in my back and then wires it to the mains supply and you don’t know whether to go on getting up or collapsing from whence you came.
So I retired to bed with my hot pack in place and decided to stay absolutely still.  This worked fine until I needed to go to the loo which involved getting up off the bed, sitting down, standing up and then going back to bed again – moves which were accompanied by loud shouts of pain as I find that sometimes giving vent to the pain actually helps me ! (A bit like yelling when you have a baby !)  Not my husband however, who came running each time I shouted to see what fresh disaster had happened and then when I actually needed help having knocked my glass of water all over myself, failed to show up as I had cried wolf just that once too often !!
That was two nights ago and I ended up repeatedly throwing up all over Pat who held a bowl in front of me as I couldn’t bend down to be sick in the loo !  That guy deserves a very large and shiny medal.  I know we said ‘in sickness and in health’ all those years ago, but he really is my rock and takes all my RA in his stride.
So last night I actually slept almost through and today the really sharp pain is gone.
My coccyx is still muttering and grumbling, but I am up and walking around again – very carefully so as not to wake the sleeping monster and with any luck I’ll be back to my Sunday Blog as usual.images-1.jpeg

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