First of all, sorry for there being no Blog last Sunday, but depression got the better of me and last Sunday I just couldn’t write ! Last Thursday I had to drive Cooper, our labrador, to the vet to have his knee replacement and straight from there onwards to Cork to get the hubby taken out of plaster for his broken leg ! Then drive all the way home, where despite my warnings Pat did too much on his foot and it all swelled up like a balloon !! So it was on with the ice packs and into bed with his foot elevated and suitable pain killers ! Cooper’s op went well and my son and I picked him up 4 days later and he is now crashing into everything (including the back of my legs) wearing a sort of plastic lampshade. Then the cat came in limping which was the final straw and I was not in the mood for writing !
However I have not been idle as over the past few days I have been astounded at the amount of treatments and symptoms I have read about for R.D. on Facebook. There seem to be no two the same and the amount of daily steroids given in the USA as treatment leaves me bewildered.
So much so that I have decided to compile a list of treatments for the many and varied medications given for RD and the after effects (good or bad) for each one.
I would very much like each of you to contribute to my survey. Just let me know which medication you take, how often and how you react to it. Especially if you have changed medication and how often since being diagnosed ?
I think that if we knew of alternative treatments that there are out there, it would help when we see our Rheumatologist, especially if we are having a bad reaction or strange side effects of the drugs we are on. Knowledge is the key to getting the best treatment for our R.D.
You can email me direct at sallyborst@gmail.com or contact me through my WordPress site at http://www.thegallopinggrandma.com



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