I hope you all coped well over Xmas.  I must say that although I have no trouble keeping dairy free, the festive season tempts me to much too much sugar  which I am now doing my best to rectify.  To help me on my way I got a brilliant new cook book called “A Kitchen Fairytale”by Lida van der Byl-Knoefel which is full of the most amazing Paddison Program receipes.  I would strongly recommend it to you all and you can find it on Amazon.



We have had an amazing winter that has been really rather like Spring and the garden is now full of daffodils and crocus and all sorts of things are beginning to sprout – though I hope we wont get caught out like last year with a really hard winter blast in March. We are getting a new rescue labrador today aged 18 months called Cyrus as a friend for our greyhound Spottie – I do hope they will get on and he will need lots of walks which will be good for me !

Pat has been busy framing pictures which he loves and I got a chance to practice something that I learned in my late teens – that of restoring/cleaning old pictures.  It came my way quite by chance when someone brought a frame in to Pat to have him replace the picture with a mirror.  The picture was an old, small and very dirty oil painting of the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo – some 200 years old.  After getting permission from the owner I set about restoring it and it came out brilliantly !

The first one shows just at the start and the other shows the finished picture.  It was hard and very delicate work, but most enjoyable and since then I have had a much larger oil painting to do.  Isn’t it amazing how these new horizons keep opening up, even in the wilds of SW Kerry !!

Anyway, here is hoping that many more of you find the Paddison Program and can restart your lives free of pain, fatigue and nasty drugs and really enjoy life again, like I am !

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