Its important with RA, or any other variation of it, that you learn to be ‘thick skinned’ because there are definitely going to be moments when you unwittingly find yourself in a ticklish situation – usually all of your own making !
I went to stay with my sister and decided to take a bath – nothing unusual in that right?   What I didn’t know was that she had recently had the bath resurfaced with what seemed like glass !  Only I didn’t notice until I got in and lowered myself into the water – after I had locked the door as I was in a strange house.  Come time to get out I carefully placed a flannel on both sides of the bath to supplement my poor grip and just fell back in, my feet slipping out from under me. What to do ?  I realised I could reach down to the bath mat, so I put that in the bath under my bum and feet and tried again.  Bigger slip, bigger splash !  So I let out the water in case that was adding to my problem – no, that made it worse and now to top it all I was getting cold.  At that moment I heard Pat (my husband) walk down the corridor, and as I was so frustrated I yelled for help! After I had explained that not only was I stuck in the bath, but the door was locked too, he just put his shoulder to it and barged in breaking the lock and got me out.  I must say he was very tactful about replacing the damage, but I felt awful for several days! I stick to showers now !
Definitely my most embarrassing moment of all was in The Hunter Valley, NSW where we had gone to sample the lovely wines with my daughter and her husband.  We had booked in to a cottage that was in a row of similar cottages, raised up on a wooden balcony with steps down to the car. In the melee of unpacking, etc I realised I had left my book in the car, so holding on to the bannister, I carefully descended the steps back down – watching where I put my feet so I wouldn’t slip.  Having got the book, up I went again watching my feet all the time and back in to the cottage. There on the sofa in the living room was a couple doing what couples do when alone and I actually walked right past them saying that they could have waited a bit – when I realised that it was not my daughter, but some complete strangers ……….I was in the wrong cottage !!  I then had to turn around apologising as best I could, walk back past them and go back and find the right cottage where everyone collapsed in gales of laughter. What was worse was that we met them again at breakfast, but they seemed to find it funny as well – thank goodness!

My favourite place is the beach so whilst staying at the Movenpick, Gammarth, Tunis after my knee replacement I got bored with sitting by the various pools and went off to find the beach.  It was quite a long slow walk through the gardens down to the sea and when I got there it was only to find that the decking had a drop of about a foot down to the sand.  That might not seem much to you, but to me it was like standing on a cliff ! With nothing to hold on to I didn’t dare risk it, when suddenly two nice young beach guards arrived and one either side, lifted me up and down to the sand. This was followed by them finding me an umbrella and a reclining seat and even a glass of water !  What was better that they watched out for me coming and going over the next days and repeated the operation without having to be asked. Gosh I love Tunisia and its people !
I have been stuck on many beaches as I always want to sit in the hot sand and then find it impossible to get up again. Boobs over feet is my war cry if I need to stand up and this is not always possible, so I need to seek the assistance of people passing by to give me a push or a pull. There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed, they will either help you or they won’t, but to date I have been lucky and not engulfed by the incoming tide …..so far !